Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah,

I’m not even really sure if it’s okay for me to be writing this, as I haven’t known you for that long, but fuck it might as well. Where to even begin with you? Well for one you better take it down a notch because no one is going to be able to take care of you as well as I do. Lol that’s kinda arrogant of me to say, seeing as you’ve taken care of me just as much as I ever had to take care of you. In all honesty you do a better job of helping me than I could ever do for you. I don’t think you realize how many times your playlists got me through hard times. That night I called you freaking out, I was forcing my friends to play your playlist lol. It’s actually annoying that I care about you, because it means I can never get rid of you. I really do love you to death Sarah, but if you don’t stop going for guys who are bad for you I’ll never forgive you.

Remember that concert we went to? I smiled so much that night. Honestly whenever you were around I smiled a whole lot. You were always great like that. Amazing how it all started with a simple model UN conference. Michigan really did give me the best gifts, and you were one of my favorite ones. I’m sorry if I let you down. You never let me down. I love you Sarah Stone.



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