Shining Angel

Happy moments come few and far between these days. My daily routine is seemingly consumed with hundreds of painful moments which I now associate with simply being the price of living. It has caused my vision of life to be tinted by a permanent darkness that often manifests itself as perpetual pessimism, and an unhealthy amount of skepticism. Every so often though, someone comes along to brighten my view of the world, and show me that there are some benefits to this thing we call life. Seeing these wonderful souls often inspires beautiful pictures in my head, beautiful pictures that then get translated into the words you read here. I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to look back here, and see a garden of happy memories that time never managed to wilt.

I spent a few hours laughing with the sun,

Until she turned into an angel when the conversation was done.

She ascended to the clouds with an otherworldly grace,

Leaving me with a painful look on my face.

Such a wonderful soul shouldn’t be stuck with a broken creature,

But I hope one day these words may reach her.

I will miss her dearly, but I couldn't be sad,

After all she gave me something that I rarely had.

It was something I thought only existed in foolish dreams,

Something flawed, torn, and ripped at the seams.

It wasn’t peace or tranquility not even love,

It was the most simple of gifts handed down from above.

No I couldn’t be sad, not even for a while,

After all before she left, she got me to smile.

So on days where I feel down I’ll look up and see shining rays,

And remember the beautiful angel that saved me for a day.

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