Just Call

I hope you’ll call me so that we can talk for a while,

Because despite all this pain, your voice still makes me smile.

And yes, I know eventually our conversation will have to end,

But tonight, do you think it would be alright, if we just played pretend?


Could we pretend that for a few hours we don’t have to be grown?

Pretend that all this pain I’m feeling is entirely my own.

Could we pretend that for a night you can’t see all these scars?

Or pretend that for a night I don’t dream of crashing cars?


It’s okay if you can’t pretend, pain’s not something you should ignore.

Instead we could sit in silence, I promise I won’t get bored.

Or maybe you’d rather make promises we swear we won’t break ever,

Or just say stupid words like love, need, and forever.


I don’t think I’m asking for much, just a temporary reason to stay.

I just want a few more hours before I have to fade away.

Please don’t make that face, I can’t exist just for you,

And no amount of tears could ever make that true.


In the end , it’s inevitable, we all have to disappear,

Though you don’t have to be afraid of being left alone my dear.

I may end up being gone, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t call,

Even if I can’t say anything at all.


I promise that for you this number will never disconnect,

Because this voicemail of mine may be the only voice of mine left.

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