Wild Daisy

While the writings on this site may not ever be happy per say, I think it is in my best interest to mix in some more positive notes. As I’ve begun to talk through many of the obstacles I’ve been facing I noticed a rather startling trend. I find it difficult to feel a true connection towards people. It’s hard to say whether I’ve always put up a wall between myself and those I interact with, but regardless it’s there and it affects a majority of my personal relationships. In an effort to establish some semblance of closeness I’ve started writing about how I see and experience others. It’s my hope that documenting my perceptions of others will slowly build bonds with those I have failed to feel close to in the past.

She’s Perfectly Plain.

At a glance I feel as if I’ve seen her a thousand times and yet,

I can’t look away.

To most, she goes unnoticed,



But she’s there.

It is as if I walked for miles along a dirt road only to stop,and stare,

At a simple, wild, flower.

She admits no fragrance,

Her petals a simple white,

Leaves and stem frayed, torn, and battered by the world,

And yet,

She’s Pure.

Amid a sea of false colors, scents, and perfections she is the one I see.

I reach out to pick her, but slowly stop and retreat.

Because although she is plain,

She’s far too perfect for me.

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