Seeing Color

This is another instance of me deciding what should and should not be on this blog. While I understand that the choice to include a black narrative may leave some feeling isolated, I don’t believe I can keep my skin color out of my writing, as I can’t keep my skin color out of my feelings. So this is a short little something that wandered into my head after hearing about the outcome of the trial over the death of Philando Castile. I do hope that even those who don’t look like me can find something to relate to.

You say you don’t see color, but it seems like you see red,

Deep as the color of all this blood we bled,

All because these blue lives seemingly want us dead.

And ya, I get that’s not what they really said,

But I’m gonna need y’all to wake up and use your head,

And realize that they should practice what they preach instead.


And look man we’ve got some problems with this country we are in,

Mainly cuz what you can do is based on your skin.


Cuz only some of us catch bullets when we try to run,

Or get harassed for peddling loose cigarettes under the sun,

Or worst of all killed for playing with a toy gun.


So I hope you understand what I mean,

When I say seeing you makes me want to scream.


Cuz the moment I see flashing lights,

I know I’m gonna have to roll the dice,

And when I’m betting with you I know I’m betting with my life.

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