A Day For the Boy

It was a Saturday, a day for the boys.

A day for drinks, music, and mischievous ploys.

For the first time in months I was as happy as could be,

Sun was shining, not a cloud to see.

The people around me were the absolute best,

And for once I was okay tolerating the rest.

I was just hanging out, taking some pics,

Laughing at some kids who had made themselves sick.

In all honesty it was the perfect day,

But somewhere deep down I knew I wasn’t okay.

All this joy around me was temporary,

And the ease I felt was just momentary.

So I devised a plan to stay happy forever.

A way to save my mind that had begun to sever.

And you may be feeling afraid, but please don’t look away,

Cuz I need you to finish reading what I have to say.

Cuz on that day I decided my pain would end,

And that I was giving up on playing pretend.

So I left the party, to go get a meal,

And finally put an end to this nightmarish ordeal.

Walked home, belly full, smile on my face,

Got back and called my friends from my favorite place.

Went back to my room and laid on my bed.

Calmed all the thoughts that were swirling in my head.

Stared at the letters that covered the walls,

And decided they were enough cuz I had said it all.

Grabbed all my pills, and said bottoms up,

And closed my eyes hoping I’d never wake up.

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