Dear Noah

There are people who will most likely disagree with my decision to post the letters that I wrote while I was in a dark place. To some, these letters could inspire others to follow through with their own thoughts to end their life. While I don’t full agree with that sentiment I will say to those considering it that it will always be better to talk about what’s going on in your head, than to leave things unsaid. It is that line of thinking that made me want to put these out. There are countless things I feel like I need to say to people, but honestly I don’t really know how. I suppose you may consider putting them here is a cop-out, but I’ll be letting people know when their letter goes up in the hopes that I can start having some real conversations.

Dear Noah,

Sorry you got such shitty luck with your roommate freshman year. Despite having three options you somehow managed to pick the one basket case. That being said, I’m really happy that you had to deal with me for so long. You’re probably the closest thing I ever had to a best friend, because you’re one of the only people I ever let in. I can’t pretend to know how you’ll feel reading this. Honestly I wouldn’t blame you for throwing this away without even looking at it. If you decide to forgive me though, there’s some things I want you to know.

  1. Stop letting stupid or meaningless girls impact your life. The only reason a girl wouldn’t think you are good enough for her is because she’s the type who likes white chocolate, some nasty shit.
  2. I need you to go to a Skizzy Mars concert at least once so that I know a least one of us got to hear his music live.
  3. That Chance concert we went to was like the greatest thing in my life ever.
  4. I stole like all of your candy last year…

In all seriousness though, you’re like the best man. That’s probably why I’m writing this one first, because you were the first person who mattered here. I hope I didn’t cause you too much trouble, and if not then promise one day you’ll sing about me. Hahaha do you remember that first conversation we had over text. Ah shit man its got me tearing up. Lol I’m such a sap. Well by buddy, it’s always been fun.


Corwin 1514(Better than you)

  1. ❤️



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