Breaking the Cycle!

Hey guys, it’s been a while. I guess I should start by explaining why I haven’t posted anything in over a month. While part of it just stems from me routinely being interested in writing, for the most part my absences has been the result of getting caught in one of two cycles. One cycle involves me getting upset, holding everything in, then writing all my feeling to simulate a conversation. The other cycle involves me getting upset, holding everything in, then recording myself talking to simulate a conversation. Seems pretty healthy huh? To be fair I have been slowly increasing the amount I share with people, but the point still stands, I don’t often deal with negative emotions in a healthy manner. In an effort to drift into healthier tendencies I’m trying to strike up a balance when it comes to writing/talking to no one in particular. Not only does the writing help me, but I’ve gotten a surprising amount of encouragement from others to keep it going. Even while saying that I’m skeptical that this news will significantly impact anyone’s day, but for whatever it is worth I’m going to be posting more consistently. While I’m at it I’ll try to find a way to engage with readers more. I think interaction between my thoughts and the masses might be healthy. Sorry, just thinking out loud.

  1. I am here to listen to your rants as long as your nice to me. ❤️



  2. So happy to be reading your words again! When you write your book, I’ll be first in line for a signature XO



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