Simple Conversation

This weekend I had a stimulating conversation. Reading that back I realize that stimulating isn’t actually the right word. The conversation itself was seemingly mundane. I can’t off the top of my head recall any specific details, and yet I couldn’t stop thinking about it long after it had ended. Before I keep going with this I should state that as of late I’ve grown to hate conversing with people. Often times I feel like I’m having to fake my feelings, hence the mask in this blog’s name, and they generally leave me exhausted and a little depressed. This conversation was different though. The logical assumption would be to assume that the person I was talking to is different, but honestly there didn’t seem to be anything particularly different about this girl either. From the way here hands shook and eyes avoided contact I could tell she was nervous, but when she spoke it was with so much conviction that I couldn’t help but laugh. She had a sweet, almost innocent air about her that disguised a personality almost as sarcastic as my own. All and all she was a nice girl with a nice smile, but at first glance nothing was different about her. Outwardly there was nothing out of the ordinary going on, but internally was a completely different matter. Like I said, conversation usually leaves me feeling low, but for this one I was ecstatic. It was like someone had inflated a balloon inside my chest that just kept swelling with each passing moment. I was floating, not like I usually am when I’m drifting away from the conversation, and running on autopilot, but rather floating on cloud nine. For a while I didn’t think I would ever stop going up, until she ended up leaving, and took the air filling my balloon with her. As I felt my mood crashing back to earth I realized I had inadvertently let someone in. I’m usually too careful to let anyone have such a profound impact on my mood, but this time I hadn’t even noticed until the feeling was gone. Honestly maybe I’m overthinking this, and everyone’s conversation make them feel happy. I really hope so. I think I would like a world where a simple conversation can lift you up so high, Makes me think I have something to look forward to.

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