Dear Bailey

Dear Bailey,

Your’s was one of the letters I was worried most about writing, simply because I wasn’t quite sure how you would respond to it. Part of me thinks you may resent me for leaving without saying a word, while another questions if it’s kinder not to write this at all. Oh well, I guess I just have to hope that this doesn’t make you cry, because we both know I can’t handle crying girls.

Ironic that I may make you cry right after you had me smiling for almost two weeks straight. It’s actually rather magical what you did. Prior to this winter break I had lost all faith in life, and then you showed up to wake me out of that nightmare. You were a song that I kept on repeat, because every time your melody came on the ugliest noises in my head stopped and listened along with me. No police officer, directionless drive, or lost hundred-dollar bill could ever take away from your song, and I never wanted to stop listening. No song lasts forever though, and so I sit here writing this letter to preserve the memory of you. I never was able to repay you for the escape that you gave me this winter break, and even now I feel guilty as I consider throwing it all away. I do hope that you’ll forgive me one day, as I don’t think a world where you hold resentment for me is a very good one. I know I can’t ask anything of you right now, but I do hope that maybe you’ll think of me when Sunday Candy starts playing through your headphones. I think that would be a nice way to be remembered. Goodbye Bailey, I’m sorry the music had to end.

Lots of Love,


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