Happiness Is A Bowl Of Cereal

One of my favorite movies is “Stuck in Love.” It’s an above average ROM-DRAM, with above average characters, that are primarily writers. I credit this film with shaping how I view relationships, and also with giving me the deluded notion that if you write about someone they end up falling in love with you. Years later I still love the movie, but have quickly realized that just because someone inspired a poem or passage, doesn’t mean they’re the one. That hasn’t stopped me from silently hoping though. As potentially embarrassing as it is I find myself looking at people, and shaping words around what I notice. Sometimes I don’t think I’m attracted to beautiful faces, but rather the beautiful pictures people inspire in my head. This passage is one of those beautiful pictures someone painted in my head with just a smile. Part of me thinks it’s part of something bigger, like the beginning of a book or short film, while another part of me thinks I should be realistic. Regardless, here’s a little look at how I picture people.


“Happiness is a bowl of cereal while watching your favorite show.”

She had a smile that reminded me what real happiness was. It was crooked and awkward, the kind of smile that’s put on this earth to make hopeless romantics fall head over heels in love. It made me fall head over heels. She never said much, and looking back I can’t remember a time when she finished a sentence without giggling. No, she never really said much, but I hung on to every word.

Back then I don’t really know if she knew I existed. I suppose that’s not really fair to say, as we interacted, but I was no more important than any other passing face. On the other hand, every moment she graced my life turned into a memory that lasted a lifetime. What can I say, I was an innocent naive boy facing a crush.

I remember this one night, in a dingy and poorly lit basement where we both ended up. Even in the semi darkness her face glowed like a warm summer day, and every time she spoke I had to remind my heart to keep beating. It was ironic because when she walked up to me my heart went into overdrive. She didn’t say a word, just curled up next to me with her head on my chest. I was surprised she stayed, what with the way my heart was slamming against her head. I went to move my arm, but couldn’t stop it from shaking. A million thoughts raced through my head, that is until she looked me in the eyes and smiled, and my whole world went blank.

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